We refer to the vessel the Northwest Ord (Vessel) that is currently located in the Sadgroves Creek shipping channel in the Port of Darwin.

On 20 October 2021 at approximately 0800 Darwin Port received notification that the Vessel had dragged her anchor and was situated well into the shipping channel. This location presents an immediate threat and danger to vessels and other property connected to commercial shipping in the Port of Darwin and is preventing safe navigation of the channel.

As there is currently no person on board or in control of the vessel, in accordance with subsection 40A(8) of the Ports Management Act2015 (NT) (Act), Darwin Port has taken steps to remove the Vessel from the Sadgroves Creek shipping channel to a mooring located in Cossack Creek. 

Darwin Port will seek to recover all costs incurred in removing the Vessel from the shipping channel and from arranging for temporary safe mooring as a debt due and payable in accordance with subsection 40A(8)(b) and 40A(10) of the Act.

Please contact Darwin Port on 0427416697 to arrange collection of the Vessel.