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The purpose built cruise ship terminal is a modern air-conditioned facility with a covered walkway to the wharf deck. The terminal is capable of handling complete passenger changeovers for smaller cruise vessels whilst providing a transit lounge for the more infrequent larger international cruise ships. Since 2008 this terminal has catered for in excess of 43,000 cruise ship passengers and crew.

Car Parking

A car park capable of handling large buses adjoins the facility.


Security screening, baggage x-ray equipment and manned check points when cruise ships are visiting ensure that Fort Hill Wharf provides a secure environment for visiting cruise ships.


Lowering lifeboats

Darwin Port (DP) has no objection to the lowering of lifeboats for the purposes of safety drills in principle. However, the strong tidal flows alongside Fort Hill Wharf and East arm Wharf places higher risk on such an operation. Any such safety drill must be discussed with DP prior to commencement of the drill. The ship’s personnel can make contact with DP either via their agent or directly through Darwin Harbour Control.

Maintenance of Ship's side

Chipping, scraping and painting of the ship’s overside can only take place if no rust or paint flakes or drips of paint enter the harbour, which would obviously involve the use of catch-alls to ensure compliance. The use of painting platforms and punts is permitted providing it is safe to do so in the prevailing weather and tide conditions.

Washing down hull and topsides

Washing down with fresh water is permitted but the use of any chemicals is not permitted.

Hot Work

Hot work can take place providing the Port’s Hot Work documentation is completed and sent to Darwin Harbour Control prior to the work commencing.

Fort Hill Wharf Cruise Ship