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2013-14 Darwin Port Corporation Annual Report

The Corporation’s Annual Report 2013-14 was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday 27 November 2014.  In his speech to the Assembly about the report, Chief Minister Adam Giles noted that the Darwin Port Corporation Annual Report 2013-14:

“2013-14 has been a year of significant milestone achievements, record profits, new and efficient business models, large successful capital projects delivering efficiencies and costs savings for customers. Positive economic benefits for all Territorians form the basis for this year’s Darwin Port Corporation annual report.

The Corporation’s performance as Australia’s northern gateway is not just a catch cry. The Port is a cornerstone asset in developing northern Australia and its potential to further service South East Asia’s growing demand for food presents an immediate opportunity along with other successful port industry sectors.

The highlights in this year’s annual report are small in number but in terms of accomplishment, enormous. The Port Corporation continues to punch above its weight despite its small scale and relatively small trade volumes. It has a mandate to be commercial and competitive. This year’s results are a credit to the Corporations management and their staff”.  Extract Northern Territory Hansard 25/11/14


To read the Chief Minister’s full statement on Hansard, click here.

Port Chief Executive Terry O’Connor said “our Annual Report is not just a positive reflection on the management and operation of the Corporation, it represents a fantastic result in all sectors of the Port business and the culmination of the successful completion of long term capital projects and new technology – it is a credit to all staff!”

To view the Corporation’s 2013-14 Annual Report, click here.

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