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Change of ownership of Frances Bay Mooring Basin and Associated Wharves

On 1 January 2015, ownership of the Frances Bay Mooring Basin, including associated wharves (Hornibrooks, Fisherman’s and Raptis) will change from the Darwin Port Corporation to the Department of Lands and Planning.


The reason for this change follows Government’s plans to separate non-commercial assets from the Darwin Port Corporation and is occurring in a similar fashion to the transfer of Stokes Hill Wharf to the Darwin Waterfront Corporation.Day to day operations of the Mooring Basin and associated wharves will continue to be managed by the same Darwin Port Corporation staff located on site and there will be no changes to services in place through until 31 March 2015.  Following that time, the Mooring Basin operations along with operational staff, will be taken on by the Department of Lands Planning. 

It is expected to remain business as usual for all services at the Mooring Basin, Fisherman's Wharf, Hornibrooks and Raptis Wharves, with the same familiar faces running the day to day operations as they currently do and this will remain in place without change, despite the change in ownership.

In relation to financial matters, including billing, this will continue to be carried out by Darwin Port Corporation until 31 March 2015, following which time, bills will be issued centrally by the NT Government.

In the event you have any queries in regards this change, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Dummett, General Manager Port Development at or on 89220688.