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Chief Ministers Awards for Excellence In The Public Sector 2014

Darwin Port Corporation took out the runner up award in the ‘Delivering a Balanced Environment’ category for its assistance in the coordination of Exercise Northerly with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Left to right:  Kylie Post, Angela Arnison, Melissa Reiter, Terry O’Connor,
Ian Niblock, Toby Stone, Diane Hussey and David Imhoff


Exercise Northerly, was a full simulation exercise (without field deployments) designed to challenge the Incident Management Team (IMT) and participants with a real-life multi-faceted scenario, involving the collision of two vessels and the subsequent spill of a large quantity of oil impacting on Darwin's coastline. Run over five days in two phases; a hypothetical style panel discussion exercise plus the functional exercise in which an Incident Management Team (IMT) developed a strategy to respond to the marine pollution of the (hypothetical) oil spill incident. Preceding the practical exercise was two days of incident management training for National Response Team members plus a two day 'master class' for senior government and industry responders.

To read the award submission, click here.