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Darwin Harbour Clean Up 2015

Darwin Port Corporation was proud sponsors of the Darwin Harbour Clean Up, held Friday 26 June 2015.  Special thanks to David McMaster, DPC's Environmental Manager, who assisted beyond the call, even attending to the organiser's flat tyre on the day.

Below is a message from Lyn Lambeth of the NT Seafood Council:

Hi All

Thanks to everyone who participated in and supported the 6th Darwin Harbour Clean-Up last Friday – another successful day despite the very windy conditions. After the previous 5 years winning the dry season lottery with calm weather for the clean-up, it was only a matter of time before we ran into a strong wind warning. We still managed to have over 140 people, 16 or 17 boats out on the water and 8 land teams around Darwin and over on Cox peninsula.

Total weight of rubbish collected was estimated at 1.2 tonne – well down on previous years. This is probably due to a combination of factors including previous clean-ups having removed old rubbish, awareness raising leading to changes in behaviour, strong winds hampering access for boats plus a new method of recording the data (thanks to our expert data team from Tangaroa Blue). Some participants reported a definite drop in rubbish from sites they have been cleaning each year and we certainly filled less skip bins than previous years.

In the coming days and weeks as more data and info comes in, I will be updating the NTSC clean-up page and social media with more on what was collected with photos from around the various sites. If you have any photos of the day you would like me to use, please email them through. When I get a chance I’ll also edit video footage taken on Fisherman’s Wharf and will put some photos in that from other sites. I know it’s eagerly anticipated, but Darwin Harbour Clean-Up 2015 – The Movie! will take some time to hit the big screen as I work on a few more pressing things such as final reports to funders.


Lyn Lambeth
Project Officer
Northern Territory Seafood Council