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East Arm Wharf Container Crane - Update

Following on from the last advice regarding the engineering failure of DPC’s container crane the following information is provided as an update:

  • The engineering report regarding repair requirements and projected timeframes is expected to be received shortly.
  • Initial indications are that it could take at least 3 months to have the crane operating.
  • DPC have held discussions with a number of parties regarding the mobilisation of a mobile harbour crane to Darwin.
  • As a result of these discussions DPC has accepted a Qube Ports offer to redirect a new crane which is currently in Europe and was destined for WA, in to Darwin.
  • While Qube Ports are endeavouring to expedite the delivery it is currently due to arrive in Darwin towards the end of January 2014.
  • DPC are continuing discussions with other possible providers with a view to securing a crane into the port at the earliest opportunity.
  • Patrick Stevedores have identified a unit that would be suitable and are in discussions with suitable shipping companies regarding the timing of its possible deployment to Darwin.
  • Loading and discharge operations are continuing utilising ships equipment however, as this is not as efficient as the shore crane, delays are being experienced.
  • Unfortunately the crane break down has coincided with an extremely large shipping demand and every effort will continue to be made to minimise delays.
  • DPC staff continue to liaise with the relevant stakeholders regarding updates to berthing prospects.
  • Your continued patience at this time would be appreciated as contingency arrangements are finalised.