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Happy 175th Birthday Port of Darwin

Today marks the 175th Anniversary of the discovery of the Port of Darwin and it was widely celebrated by the Darwin Port Corporation staff, stakeholders and dignitaries, the Hon Adam Giles MLA, Chief Minister; her Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor, Katrina Fong Lim, Ms Bilawara Lee, Larrakia Elder and Terry O'Connor, Port Corporation Chief Executive.

The people of Darwin regard the Port of Darwin as their backyard.  Darwin is a port city.  The Port is the commercial centre of international trade.  It has undergone continual transformation in the last 175 years and will continue to do so well into the future.

25 years ago, when the Port of Darwin marked its 150th Anniversary, the port saw around 750 commercial vessels transit the harbour, exports of 15,000 head of cattle and overall handling of 870,000 tonnes of cargo over its two wharves, Stokes Hill Wharf and Fort Hill Wharf.  Today, the Corporation's commercial wharf, East Arm Wharf, oversights the movement of 2800 commercial vessels, around 400,000 head of cattle and handles 4.3 million tonnes of cargo and remains a vibrant harbour with newly dredged channels, state of the art port management systems, new wharves under construction, evolving with the times.

The 175th Anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate key milestones and embed the rich history of the growth of our harbour with a series of events over the 175th year.  It is our aim that the people of Darwin embrace the maritime history that is a part of our genesis.