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Keep an eye out for Browsing Ants!

An exotic and invasive ant has been detected at East Arm Wharf.  The “Browsing Ant”  (Lepisiota sp.) is black in colour, about three millimetres in length and will eat and displace native ant species. This species also forms super colonies and poses a serious threat to Australia’s environment, horticultural industries and backyards. It has now been declared as a notifiable pest in the Northern Territory.

The NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries is coordinating the investigation and response into the Browsing Ant.  Its officers will be conducting inspections, setting ant traps, treating ant colonies and monitoring at East Arm Wharf  in an effort to eliminate this ant.  Please assist these officers where required and don’t interfere with any ant traps that are placed around the wharf. 

If you observe an ant that resembles may be Browsing Ants at East Arm Wharf please contact  NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries on 8999 5511 and Darwin Port Operations on 89220660. 

To read Government's media release from Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and NT Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries Willem Westra van Holthe about the detection of Browsing Ants at the Darwin Port, click here.