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New Port Tariffs – February 2015

The Northern Territory Government has recently completed a review of the Darwin Port Corporation’s financial performance.  The review found that based on current pricing structure, the Corporation is substantially under recovering its operating costs and does not generate an acceptable return on assets.

Over recent years the Corporation and Government have made significant investment into the expansion of port facilities to better service the shipping industry in Darwin.  This is evident in the construction of the Marine Supply Base, the dredging of the Charles Point Patches, the implementation of the Vessel Traffic System and reclamation works at East Arm Wharf.

To ensure that the Corporation fully recovers its operating costs and generates sufficient revenue to provide Government with an acceptable return on its assets, the Government has approved the following changes in the port tariffs:

  • introduction of a fixed berthage charge of $2,000 per call (ex GST)
  • 15% increase to the daily berthage tariff from the current $0.2545 to $0.2926 per GRT per day (ex GST);
  • 30% increase in wharfage rates for general cargo, livestock and containerised cargo.

These new tariff changes will come into effect on 1st February 2015 and apply to vessels berthing and loading cargo at East Arm Wharf, Fort Hill Wharf and Stokes Hill Wharf.  The schedule of port charges reflecting the changes is available here.

If you have any enquiries in relation to port tariffs, please do not hesitate to contact our General Manager Port Development, Mr Peter Dummett on 08 8922 0688 or by email at

For enquiries relating to accounts payable, please contact Chief Financial Officer, Anne Coulter on 08 8922 0622 at