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East Arm Wharf

East Arm WharfThe East Arm Wharf was opened in 2000 and provides 754 metres of wharf line. The facility can accept vessels up to 80,000 tonnes and comprises a bulk liquids berth, a common user facility, a container facility and a bulk loading berth.

The bulk liquids berth is connected via pipeline to a fuel oil facility and a bio diesel refinery. Chemicals such as acids are also piped to adjoining areas. This 157 metre berth is capable of handling regular imports of fuel that ensure the usage rate of the berth remains high.

A container berth is served by a rail mounted portainer crane with a heavy lifting capacity of 70 tonnes at 10 metre outreach. This berth is also used as a common user berth to discharge or load break bulk cargo. Live cattle exports have increased significantly over the past few years with ongoing demand expected.

The common user berths are heavily utilised by offshore oil rig tenders. The number of tenders permanently working out of Darwin is increasing as the offshore industry surrounding Darwin expands.

East Arm WharfEast Arm Wharf’s $24 million bulk materials handling facility can cater for Panamax size vessels and is currently used to export iron ore and manganese. In just its third year of operation this facility saw trade increase by 75% on the previous year. To support such increases in dry bulk trade the DP has implemented major infrastructure upgrades including a 1,500 tph rail dump with the capacity to handle 25 ore trains per week and a bulk ship loading facility with a capacity of up to 2,000 tph.