Ichthys LNG has received a planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) import cargo at its onshore processing facilities in Darwin.

The LNG carrier, “Pacific Breeze”, has been purpose built for Ichthys LNG. It will transport LNG exports from Bladin Point to the Ichthys LNG joint venture partner CPC Corporation in Taiwan under a sales and purchase agreement.

The LNG cargo will be used to ‘cool down’ tanks and pipes in preparation for start-up of the facilities.

The unloading of the LNG cargo will be managed in a very safe and controlled manner.

As you may be aware, LNG is stored at 161 degrees below zero. When it is first unloaded, the LNG storage and loading facilities will be warm.  This difference in temperature will eventually see the LNG become a vapour again as it is warmed up.

That vapour will need to be flared off, until the point the systems are cold enough to hold the gas in its liquid form. Given the location of the Ichthys facilities, the flaring may be visible at times to the community.

This is a standard process that will be closely monitored and is being conducted in accordance with NT EPA requirements.

With an increase in marine traffic around Bladin Point, a reminder to all harbour users to share the waters safely by observing the Regional Harbourmaster’s safety zone and Darwin Port’s Security Zone.