Port Notices 

Port notices are issued by Darwin Port Operations Pty Limited (Darwin Port) under section 57 of the Ports Management Act.  They provide guidance and control activities and people’s conduct within the port with the objectives of maintaining or improving its safe, secure and efficient operation.  Port notices are enforceable by port enforcement officers.

Port Notices

Workplace Instructions

Workplace Instructions 

Contractor Expectations

Contractor Expectations


Ports Management Act

Ports Management Regulations

Regional Harbourmaster

The Regional Harbourmaster (RHM) is appointed by the Minister under section 19 of the Ports Management Act.  The RHM is the Pilotage Authority for Darwin Port, promulgates depth information and under keel clearance requirements, and has step in rights for some activities carried out by Darwin Port.

The Regional Harboumaster can be contact via RHM@nt.gov.au 

Notice to Mariners

Local Notices to Mariners (commonly referred to as NtoM) are issued by the Regional Harbourmaster (RHM) to advise vessel operators about changes or activities that may affect the safety of navigation.

For more information visit the Marine Safety - Notice to Mariners website

Port Management Officers & Port Enforcement Officers

Port Management Officers

Port management officers are suitably skilled and knowledgeable Darwin Port employees appointed under section 22 of the Ports Management Act. They have the power to direct vessel activities and movements including, pilotage; cargo handling; ballast, water and fuel transfers; and passenger embarkation and disembarkation.

Port Enforcement Officers

Port enforcement officers are suitably skilled and knowledgeable Darwin Port employees appointed under section 24 of the Ports Management Act. They have direction, removal and entry powers for the enforcement of port notices.


Boating Safety on the Harbour

Darwin Port is committed to safety on the harbour and encourages all vessel operators to be familiar with boating safety regulations.  Please remember, large vessels can only navigate inside the shipping channels and cannot stop or turn to avoid collision without risk to their safety and the safety of others on the harbour.  All vessels, including small craft, are required by law to clear a shipping channel well in advance of large vessels using the channels.  For shipping channel coordinates, please refer to the Darwin Port Shipping Channels Port Notice.

For further information on boating safety, visit the NTG Marine Safety website where you can locate information on but not limited to, tides, boat ramps, download a copy of the “Safety Guide for Pleasure Craft” or take a quiz to test your knowledge on recreational boating safety.