3 January 2024

The Owner, Master or Occupier
Tug Denison

“Tug Denison” – S.40A DIRECTION

We refer to the vessel the tug Denison (Vessel) that is currently located aground in Blessers Creek.

On 2 January 2024 at approximately 14:30 Darwin Port became aware that the Vessel was unoccupied and aground situated at the above location.  There is a hire container and other miscellaneous materials on the upper deck. 

The current condition of the Vessel, its location, and its cargo presents an immediate threat and danger to the Vessel itself, persons and the environment.

As there is currently no person on board or in control of the vessel, in accordance with subsection 40A(8) of the Ports Management Act2015 (NT) (Act), Darwin Port is providing the Master, owner or occupier twenty (24) hours’ notice to move the vessel otherwise Darwin Port will commence taking steps to remove the Vessel from it’s current location to a mooring located in the small boat anchorage. 

Darwin Port will seek to recover all costs incurred in removing the Vessel from its current location and from arranging for temporary safe mooring as a debt due and payable in accordance with subsection 40A(8)(b) and 40A(10) of the Act.

Please contact Darwin Port on 0417867886 to arrange collection of the Vessel.



Senior Manager & Port Management Officer – Marine Operations