Vessel Hot Work Permit

For planned works this form must be submitted 24 hours before commencing. An issued hot work permit shall not exceed a period of 12 hours, unless the Approving Officer has authorised otherwise.
Berth wharf
eg. Work to be completed, specific location on vessel, and equipment to be used must be detailed here.
eg. Ships crew or name of local contractor
eg. phone number / mobile number
Has the vessel master read and understood the 'Vessel Hot Work Port Notice'?
eg. List the types of fire fighting equipment available on board like a hose, extinguisher.


The following questions are derived from the 'Vessel Hot Work Port Notice'.  Please read the Port Notice before proceeding any further with the completion of this Hot Work Permit. 
Will a hot work supervisor be appointed?
Will a job safety environmental analysis be conducted?
Are the mandatory minimum control measures in place?
Have the minimum seperation distances been observed?
Can you conduct hot work safely as there are no incompatible operations being undertaken concurrently? eg. bunkering or transfer of dangerous goods?
eg. Bunkering or Transfer of Dangerous Goods
Have weather conditions been taken into account?
Are the protective guards and shields appropriate for the work?
Has the fire watch person been appointed and understands their duties?
Is the vessel free of Class 1 dangerous goods?
Do you have a permit to work system for hot work that may be carried out in a confined space/enclosed space on the vessel?
Have all checks and precautions as per the vessel Hot Work Port Notice been undertaken to commence hot works?
eg. JSEA, SWMS etc
Maximum 5 files.
6 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpeg, jpg, png, zip, doc, docx, pdf.


By submitting this form the master of the vessel is agreeing that information provided is true and correct and to provide the Port assurance that the appointed Hot Work Supervisor will complete their section of the Hot Work Permit before commencing work. 
(The link for the Hot Work Supervisor form to complete will be provided in approval email.)